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Speech recognition: SpeechWise delivers on its potential.

As powerful as speech recognition software can be, most of those who try it give up in frustration, unable to work efficiently.  Why?  Because speech recognition software is really just the rough clay from which to craft a powerful and productive tool.  Those who get the most out of speech recognition software – those working with speed and proficiency – have taken advantage of SpeechWise integration, customization, and training specific to their needs.

SpeechWise makes it work for you.

We all work differently, using many differing applications in ways unique to us and our jobs.  That’s why SpeechWise tailors speech recognition software to conform to your unique applications and unique manner of working. SpeechWise integrates Dragon software with a wide range of programs, from mainstream applications such as Microsoft Office programs to highly specialized programs such as database, proprietary, and EMR applications.  Once integration with your program is complete we create customized voice-commands specifically for you that vastly increase your efficiency and accuracy.  Plus, we train you in the techniques and behaviors that help you master your new, hands-free way of working.

Unprecedented speed and accuracy.

In the last 18 years, we’ve consulted with scores of companies to select and install speech recognition software.  And we’ve trained hundreds of people, each in a unique fashion, to use their applications successfully.  What’s more, we’ve created thousands of customized voice-commands permitting amazing efficiency in navigation by voice.  And helping our users master the proper dictation and correction techniques has resulted in dictation accuracy close to 100 percent. Explore the SpeechWise offerings and see how successful you can be with speech recognition and the right partner to help you achieve your goals.
SpeechWise provided me with everything I needed, from basics like recommendations on equipment and training on Microsoft Office, to advanced topics including customized scripting and voice-enabling my specific applications. The custom SpeechWise commands I received as part of the training are priceless – they fill in the large gaps left by Dragon NaturallySpeaking to make tasks like managing e-mail by voice simple and extremely efficient. With Todd’s training, I was able to write my entire PhD dissertation by voice. When it comes to making voice recognition work, SpeechWise training is as indispensable as the microphone!   Dan Work, PhD Professor, University of Illinois
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Reduce Workplace Injuries  SpeechWise helps decrease the likelihood of computer-related injuries and gets employees  already afflicted with RSI back to productive work.  In turn, we help employers lower Workers’ Compensation costs and minimize absenteeism.  Increase Productivity  We instruct busy professionals and slow typists alike how to work more productively at the computer by utilizing speech recognition technology effectively  to generate e-mail messages, reports, memos, and more, at speeds exceeding 140 wpm. Decrease Turnaround Time  SpeechWise implements speech recognition for physicians and attorneys who want to eliminate transcription costs and reduce turnaround time.   We also help physicians utilize this technology for EMR input and SOAP note generation. Home Home