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SpeechWise carefully assessed my needs, the programs I use, and how I use them.  They developed customized voice-commands for me as well as specific exercises that reinforced what I had learned in the one-on-one training sessions.  These tools helped me become proficient enough to start using the speech software almost immediately.  I think the training was really superb.   Joan Lichterman, Editor/Writer
In-House and Online Demonstrations SpeechWise offers in-house presentations for companies and organizations interested in learning more about speech recognition.  Medium to large audiences can enjoy an in-depth explanation of our proven methodology for successful implementations of the technology.  The presentation includes a thorough demonstration of Dragon’s true potential when customized by SpeechWise.  This service is offered at no charge. For individuals and small groups, SpeechWise offers free, live online demonstrations.  We can also answer any specific questions you may have regarding our services and products. Please contact us to schedule a time convenient for you.
Live Demonstrations
Creating a Document in Microsoft Word In this demonstration, a basic Word document is created and formatted completely hands-free.  Here, the speed and accuracy of Dragon, as the primary input device, is clearly illustrated. Working in Microsoft Outlook SpeechWise adds over 600 custom voice-commands to dramatically increase speed and efficiency when working in Microsoft Outlook by voice.  With these commands, our clients can work hands-free with e-mail, appointments and meetings, contacts, tasks, notes, and journaling.  In this demonstration, approximately 60% of the issued voice-commands were developed by SpeechWise. Creating a Spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel In this demonstration, a fully formatted table and chart are created in Microsoft Excel entirely by voice.  More than half of the spoken commands required to create the spreadsheet were designed and coded by SpeechWise. Navigating  Windows Folders Navigating Windows folders via Windows Explorer and Save As/Open dialog boxes can be extremely slow and tedious by voice.  For this reason, SpeechWise has developed numerous voice-commands and techniques to make this common task fast and efficient as illustrated in this video. Automating Complex Tasks Using the VBA programming language, SpeechWise can create custom voice-commands to automate complex, time-consuming tasks.  In this the video, an operation which originally took one of our clients six minutes to perform by hand was reduced to just six seconds when performed by voice – a 6000% productivity increase. Populating Database Fields Speeding up common tasks using voice input sometimes requires thinking outside the box.  A method devised by SpeechWise to quickly populate a database form is illustrated in this video demonstration.
Streaming Video Demonstrations
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