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Solutions as unique as you and the way you work.

As a cutting-edge input device, speech recognition has tremendous potential to increase productivity and lower costs while simultaneously reducing the risk or effect of repetitive strain injuries.  SpeechWise understands this potential and the steps required to reach it. SpeechWise also recognizes that each computer user works in a unique manner, performing specific tasks in varying applications.  A one-size-fits-all, out-of-the-box solution will not enable you to unleash the full power of speech recognition technology.  To realize its true potential, a custom solution tailored to the way you work is essential.  That’s where SpeechWise can help.

Custom training and integration are key to your success.

SpeechWise will assess your workflow in the applications you use and any special requirements.  We will then develop a plan including the appropriate training and integration necessary for you to work effectively by voice. 

Our experience speaks for itself.

Over the years, we’ve devised and implemented a multitude of speech recognition solutions to:   Help injured workers get back to productive work. Help employers lower Workers’ Compensation costs and minimize absenteeism by reducing injuries. Aid workers at risk for RSI to stay healthy and employed. Dramatically cut transcriptions costs and turnaround times for physicians and attorneys. Help busy professionals work more productively. Instruct disabled individuals, enabling them to use computers effectively and independently. SpeechWise has the experience that can help you too.
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What SpeechWise does is totally unique – their ability to create job- specific, time-saving macros and their methodology of training and integration of these commands into the employee's natural work regimen is a recipe for outstanding success. Combine that knowledge with a truly caring and professional demeanor, along with a sense of responsibility to the employer, and you have a company I would recommend in the highest capacity. Dan Shafer, Ergonomist
View streaming video demonstrations of SpeechWise custom solutions on our Demos page.  Witness the true power of speech recognition when working in application such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, and Excel, navigating Windows folders, performing mult- step tasks, and populating database fields. With SpeechWise voice-commands and training designed for the way you work in your applications, you will be able to complete tasks as quickly and efficiently as shown in our demonstrations.
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