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Integration and Customization As good as it is, Dragon software, as it comes from the box, does not integrate with most programs.  It can be slow and tedious.  But SpeechWise can integrate speech recognition with the applications you use: proprietary software, database and mainframe applications, EMR programs, and many, many more — making it easy for you to control them by voice.  We can even speech-enable your digital forms and templates, allowing you to navigate and complete them hands-free. SpeechWise can create the custom voice-commands that are the missing link to truly effective and speedy work with speech recognition.  Using such customized commands, the software works in the fashion that suits you, rather than forcing you to contort your work style to fit the limits of the program. Speech Assessment Not sure if speech recognition will work with your unique applications?  Need to know the degree to which you can perform your computer duties hands-free? SpeechWise will provide the answers with a speech assessment.  We’ll: Examine your applications (standard or nonstandard) Observe your workflow in these programs Conclude whether your programs will work with speech recognition Establish how much integration work will be required to control them optimally with speech Determine the amount of  training necessary for you to use your applications efficiently by voice Following an assessment, we will report our findings and help you get started. Installation and Testing Installation and testing by SpeechWise assures you that you get the best speech recognition possible from your Dragon software.  SpeechWise will have your system up and running prior to your first training or customization session.  Services include: Check computer specifications Install speech software and any updates Evaluate dictation processing speed Examine “Full Text Control” capability Test voice control of menus, buttons, and other controls Install SpeechWise proprietary command sets Help you create an accurate speech profile Optimize option settings
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Todd Kermit [of SpeechWise] is the consummate professional educator and trainer. I work as a humanities teacher and work heavily with Microsoft Word and Excel. Todd shared numerous tricks and programming code he created that will easily return at least 60 minutes to each workday for me. Furthermore, he showed tremendous patience and awareness in knowing when to adjust how much information to share. I recommend Todd’s work without reservation. Dee Glenn, Educator