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Real-time medical reports for fast results. What physician wouldn’t want to cut the time it takes to dictate and generate reports?  With SpeechWise and Dragon speech recognition software, you can cut that time significantly and eliminate transcription costs concurrently.  SpeechWise is your prescription for saving money and getting faster results for you patients. Speech recognition software implemented by SpeechWise works so efficiently in the medical world that it: Instantly transcribes clinical dictation Lowers or eliminates transcription costs Reduces report turnaround time Decreases dictation time Speech recognition is a powerful tool for your practice. Implemented by SpeechWise, you can quickly use speech recognition to: Generate clinical reports and referral letters Create SOAP notes Complete templates and forms Enter patient information into EMR or other medical software applications. Proven implementation methods make it simple. The quick and orderly implementation of speech recognition into your practice is a smoothly honed SpeechWise process: Step 1:  Assessment of needs Outline the software and hardware requirements for successful implementation into your practice Develop a plan to integrate speech software with your existing applications and/or templates Determine the type of training you and your practice need Step 2:  Installation and testing Step 3:  Integration with existing software and templates (if required) Speech-enable existing patient forms and SOAP note templates Create custom commands to enter boilerplate text, such as examination normals, with a single utterance Develop navigation macros for your medical applications Step 4:  Train you and your staff to use speech recognition software Step 5:  Optimization recognition for you and your practice Customize your speech software’s vocabulary, adding the terms you use frequently Optimize the language model based on sample documents Without a doubt, SpeechWise and Dragon can both speed up your reporting and cut your costs.  Contact SpeechWise; you’ll have a healthier practice for it.
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What SpeechWise does is totally unique – their ability to create job- specific, time-saving macros and their methodology of training and integration of these commands into the employee's natural work regimen is a recipe for outstanding success. Combine that knowledge with a truly caring and professional demeanor, along with a sense of responsibility to the employer, and you have a company I would recommend in the highest capacity. Dan Shafer, Ergonomist
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