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Sennheiser ME3-II

The Sennheiser ME3-II is widely considered to be the gold standard of speech recognition microphone headsets.  Yielding the highest accuracy and noise canceling capability, it is SpeechWise’ most highly recommended microphone. It features a behind-the-head design with an adjustable/removable headband.  Very durable in build, this microphone is an excellent choice for those using it with a laptop on the go.  Due to its unique wiring, the Sennheiser ME3-II must be used with a USB adapter.  Because this headset lacks a built-in speaker, SpeechWise recommends combining it with the Buddy 7G USB adapter.

SpeechWare FlexyMike DE Cardioid Microphone

Our best-selling microphone, the FlexyMike DE Cardioid offers exceptional accuracy and excellent noise cancelling.  This lightweight steel microphone, complete with injected rubber protectors that covers both ears, is very comfortable.  It includes a short 40" cable for use with laptop computers and an additional 80" cable extension for use with desktop computers. The microphone lacks a built-in speaker.  For best results, SpeechWise recommends combining this headset with the Andrea PureAudio USB-SA duplex adapter.

SpeechWare FlexyMike Single Ear Cardioid Microphone

For those looking for an over-the-ear microphone that will yield excellent recognition and noise cancellation, look no  further than the FlexyMike Single Ear Cardioid by SpeechWare.  Constructed from ultra-lightweight titanium alloy and equipped with a unique ‘clips on’ style earpiece, this microphone is extremely lightweight and comfortable. The microphone lacks a built-in speaker.  For optimal performance, SpeechWise recommends combining the V4 with the Andrea PureAudio USB- MA adapter. ed.

Sennheiser SD Pro 1

This wireless DECT microphone provides dual connectivity for use with both a PC and desk phone.  One touch on the base station switches from one device to the other.  The Sennheiser SD Pro 1 features: over-the-head design single ear speaker integrated recharging system a built-in USB PC connector The optional Sennheiser HSL 10-II handset lifter allows picking up and hanging up a telephone handset automatically.

Sennheiser MB Pro 1 UC

For individuals interested in a wireless solution, the Sennheiser MB Pro 1 UC is an excellent choice.  This microphone connects via Bluetooth using the included pre-paired dongle, With a traditional over-the-head fit, this unit is equipped with a single-ear speaker.  It features up to 15 hours talk time and a range of up to 80 feet.  A recharging stand is incliuded. Because of its Bluetooth connectivity, a USB adapter is not needed.
Superior Microphones for Superior Recognition Accuracy Testimonial
Even though out-of-the-box Dragon is  very useful software, what really made it great for me was training and customization done by SpeechWise. In my work I use a lot of different applications, with some of them being unfriendly to voice commands, and Todd Kermit from SpeechWise made it really easy for me to control all of them with my voice. . . . Overall, my experience with SpeechWise was great. Sergei Krasulya, PhD Product Line Manager