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Andrea PureAudio USB-SA Duplex Audio Adapter

The Andrea PureAudio USB duplex (input and output sound) adapter is recommended for use with the  the VXI TalkPro SC1 microphones and computers lacking adequate output audio.  Its noise reduction algorithms produce low noise ceilings which result in superior speech recognition results.

Andrea PureAudio USB-MA Audio Adapter

This Andrea USB adapter is recommended for use with the Audio Technica Pro 8HEmW and SpeechWare FlexyMike Single Ear Cardioid microphones for crystal-clear audio conversion.  It is a monaural adapter that converts only the input analog sound to digital input via a USB port.  When used with a speaker- equipped microphone, the output sound jack must be connected to the computer’s built-in soundcard.

Buddy 7G USB Audio Adapter

This Buddy 7G USB adapter is recommended for use with the Sennheiser ME3-II microphone for optimal performance.  It features built-in audio filters to enhance noise-cancellation.  With full duplex (input and output sound) operation, it can be used with a microphone/speaker combination.
Accessories for Enhanced Performance Testimonial
Even though out-of-the-box Dragon is  very useful software, what really made it great for me was training and customization done by SpeechWise. In my work I use a lot of different applications, with some of them being unfriendly to voice commands, and Todd Kermit from SpeechWise made it really easy for me to control all of them with my voice. . . . Overall, my experience with SpeechWise was great. Sergei Krasulya, PhD Product Line Manager

Sennheiser HSL-II Handset Lifter

This Sennheiser HSL-II handset lifter enables automatic picking up and hanging up of a telephone handset when used with a compatible Sennheiser wireless headset. The mechanical hook switch works with most conventional desk phones.