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Works well with others. We have successfully integrated speech-recognition with dozens of computer programs.  These include Microsoft Office, Internet, e-mail, database, medical, legal, mainframe, proprietary, and other software applications. Microsoft Office E-Mail Medical/Legal Outlook Eudora Docs Open Word GroupWise ECounsel Excel Lotus Notes Law Pack PowerPoint Outlook Express PCM Access Thunderbird Pro Law Internet Database Other Internet Explorer ACT! Adobe Reader Firefox Clientele AutoCAD Netscape FileMaker Corporate Time Skype Oracle Windows Media Player Web-Based Apps SAP Windows Explorer Proprietary and Mainframe Software ARCS Infinium Portal J Blast InterQual RTBOL BOL Interaction Clients SASI CC&B ISIS SIR CMS/CWS IWV Talon CORE Mercury Teal eDocs MP2 TI EIC OnBase Tmsac FMS Oracle Leap TRAK Hogan PAC UI Claim Filing IDX PACE Unity INC Palamida And more...  
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Speech-Enabling Applications Testimonial
I have used what SpeechWise taught me daily. It has been so helpful to be able to use voice recognition instead of actually typing! I am not a fast typist so this approach to “writing” documents is much more efficient. I’m grateful to you for helping me become much more efficient. Working at the computer, “writing” documents has actually become fun. I never thought I’d say that.   Marilyn Smith, Teacher