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Don’t let conventional typing slow you down. Are you a slow typist?  New to typing?  Do you wish you could type as fast as you think?  Ambitious, talented people are often held back by the keyboard.  That’s why speech recognition technology may be your solution. Often, however, people buy speech recognition software off the shelf with the expectation of instant success.  Typically, they load the software, put on the headset, and start talking to their computer, only to find themselves overwhelmed by the complexity and unrealized power of the program.  Their conclusion: “speech recognition doesn’t work”. Oh, but it does work.  And with SpeechWise consultation, it can work for you.  We’ll help you increase your productivity and accuracy, decrease your frustration level, and even reduce your chances of a repetitive stress injury. The right techniques make it happen. Using Dragon speech recognition software, SpeechWise will have you entering text into your applications at speeds over 140 words per minute with up to 99% accuracy.  We’ll teach you how to maximize accuracy using proper dictation and correction techniques.  And we’ll show you how to customize your vocabulary – add company and co-worker names, industry-specific terminology, common phrases you use, and acronyms – to achieve the highest recognition possible.  We will even teach you to enter your own boilerplate text – closing paragraphs, common replies, company addresses, to name a few – by speaking just a few words. With these new skills, you will be able to perform many common computer tasks quickly simply by speaking.  You’ll be able to: Produce reports and letters Work with e-mail Complete spreadsheets Chat and text message SpeechWise offers a host of services to insure your success: Software and hardware sales Installation and testing One-on-one training Customization and integration Technical support Speech recognition really does work.  Let SpeechWise help make it work for you.
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What SpeechWise does is totally unique – their ability to create job- specific, time-saving macros and their methodology of training and integration of these commands into the employee's natural work regimen is a recipe for outstanding success. Combine that knowledge with a truly caring and professional demeanor, along with a sense of responsibility to the employer, and you have a company I would recommend in the highest capacity. Dan Shafer, Ergonomist
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