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At SpeechWise, we walk the talk.

SpeechWise consultants have experience with RSI and the accommodations required to stay productive, including learning to use speech recognition technology.  Since 1996 our consultants have been integrating Dragon software with a wide range of computer programs.  We have trained hundreds of users to get the most from their new tool – and customized hundreds of solutions for specialized needs.  Founder Todd Kermit’s years of experience as a programmer and software trainer, his familiarity with repetitive strain injuries and the Workers’ Compensation system, and his daily use of the software has been instrumental to successfully helping others.

Lots of experience training all kinds of clients.

Attorneys  IT Specialists  Injured Workers Physicians  Writers  Disabled Persons Scientists  Engineers  Dyslexic Individuals Social Workers  Architects  Slow Typists Accountants  Data Entry Clerks  Students Programmers  Call Center Operators  Children

Our Philosophy.

SpeechWise knows that with proper integration, customization, and training, speech recognition can transform work and productivity for a wide variety of people.  We are committed to helping injured individuals get back to work, helping people with disabilities work effectively with computers, helping employers reduce Workers’ Compensation cases and absenteeism by reducing injuries, helping physicians and attorneys cut transcription costs and turnaround time, and helping productive individuals work more efficiently.
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I have used what SpeechWise taught me daily. It has been so helpful to be able to use voice recognition instead of actually typing! I am not a fast typist so this approach to “writing” documents is much more efficient. I’m grateful to you for helping me become much more efficient. Working at the computer, “writing” documents has actually become fun. I never thought I’d say that.   Marilyn Smith, Teacher
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