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Taking control of computer-related injuries. Are you looking for a solution to the high number of computer-related injuries and Workers’ Compensation claims at your company?  Are you trying to curtail the resulting increases in your Workers’ Comp insurance premiums?  Most important, would you like to keep valuable employees productive, rather than see them sidelined by injury? If so, SpeechWise can help. Speech recognition technology implemented by SpeechWise can reduce or eliminate the need for a keyboard and mouse in a vast number of computer tasks, including working with e-mail and creating documents.  We help employees perform computer tasks by voice rather than using injured hands or hands that are at risk for injury. Reduce injuries.  Reduce claims.  Get back to work. For employees at risk for repetitive strain injuries (RSI), such as carpal tunnel syndrome, reducing repetitive keying and use of a mouse can go a long way toward lowering chances of injury. For employees already experiencing RSI symptoms, reducing keyboard/mouse usage can significantly decrease the likelihood that they will need to a file Workers’ Compensation claims. In many cases, speech recognition is the only way an individual already suffering from RSI can continue working.  This technology can also help injured individuals on medical leave return to their jobs; SpeechWise can be a big part of your Return-To-Work program. SpeechWise is good for your company, good for your employees. SpeechWise specializes in the installation, training, and customization of Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software.  We have over 20 years of experience providing solutions to injured and at-risk workers in a variety of fields, using many different software applications.  We have helped hundreds reduce or eliminate the need to use their hands to successfully operate a computer. With professional customization and training from SpeechWise, your employees will be able to perform the vast majority of their computer tasks by voice, including: Generate and format documents Create and work with e-mail Produce spreadsheets Use database programs Navigate Internet-based applications Work in mainframe programs Control proprietary software SpeechWise offers a host of services to support you through the implementation process. Onsite evaluations Software and hardware sales Installation and testing Individual training Customization and integration Technical support Expert training: the key to employee success. Sophisticated software such as Dragon requires one-on-one coaching from a pro and, most likely, some customization before it becomes the powerful, productive tool it can be. SpeechWise teaches the proper dictation and correction techniques, the most efficient command and control procedures, and numerous other methods necessary to work effectively by voice.  We also offer training designed to help your employees work by voice in a multitude of applications. Customization for company-specific applications. SpeechWise will integrate speech recognition software with your specific company applications.  We will also create custom voice-commands that mold the speech recognition software to suit your employees’ work habits, enabling them to work as efficiently and intuitively as possible.
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What SpeechWise does is totally unique – their ability to create job- specific, time-saving macros and their methodology of training and integration of these commands into the employee's natural work regimen is a recipe for outstanding success. Combine that knowledge with a truly caring and professional demeanor, along with a sense of responsibility to the employer, and you have a company I would recommend in the highest capacity. Dan Shafer, Ergonomist
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