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Back to work – even with RSI or other disabilities. SpeechWise can help you get your life back – help you back to the productive and satisfying work for which you were educated and trained.  Our consultants have personal experience with the debilitating effects of RSI, as well as the satisfaction of using Dragon speech recognition software to work productively at the computer.  Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of people achieve that same success.  We can help you do it too. Your voice can run your whole computer. With SpeechWise help and customization, you can perform most any computer task using your voice to command your computer.  Even people with severe disabilities are back at work, having learned to: Create and format documents Work with e-mail Surf the Internet Create spreadsheets Navigate Windows Control database and mainframe programs Work in proprietary applications SpeechWise offers a number of services to ensure your mastery of speech recognition: Software and hardware sales Installation and testing One-on-one training Customization and integration Technical support Learn the techniques that promise success. Expert training is essential to your success.  Speech recognition is more than just another software application.  It is a whole new way of using your computer, requiring a host of special techniques developed for voice- commanded work.  SpeechWise teaches proper dictation techniques, the most efficient command and control procedures, and the other methods necessary to work easily and successfully. Customization can help you soar. There are some programs that work in such a limited fashion with out-of-the-box speech software that professional customization and integration can be crucial.  SpeechWise can create the custom voice- commands that provide the missing link to truly effective and speedy work with speech recognition.  Using customized commands, the software does your bidding, rather than forcing you to contort your work style to fit the limits of the program. With the right coaching and a little practice you can perform at the computer – hands-free – as naturally and intuitively as you once did.  Let us help you take that first step, once again, toward computer mastery.
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What SpeechWise does is totally unique – their ability to create job- specific, time-saving macros and their methodology of training and integration of these commands into the employee's natural work regimen is a recipe for outstanding success. Combine that knowledge with a truly caring and professional demeanor, along with a sense of responsibility to the employer, and you have a company I would recommend in the highest capacity. Dan Shafer, Ergonomist
Injured and Disabled Workers